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OB42 is a talent first production company that sits at the intersection of advertising and entertainment.

We thrive on the power of culturally impactful storytelling in every form. Our directors possess a natural curiosity for exploring the intricacies of culture and trends, enabling us to create work that deeply resonates with our clients’ audiences.

Our passion lies in nurturing storytellers from around the world and curating effective collaborations between our talent and brands.

We are part of 42 who are a fully integrated management and production company, producing film, television and content, representing actors, writers, directors, comedians, presenters, producers, casting directors and media book rights.

Alongside our directing talent, we also represent photographers through our sister agency, Probation.

Together, we form a dynamic team equipped to handle a wide range of creative projects, including advertising, branded entertainment, print and music video content with offices in London and LA.